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Soul Pleasing


             So much of our journey is about education.  And then, as we gain knowledge, it turns in to perception.  When we learn of history and purpose, we become better suited, more at ease, happier.

             We move forward, ever spiraling upward, always gathering wisdom and experience.  It helps us to place our focus on a:

Gratitude Attitude

             It may feel old at this point, dated, or even clichéd to say this.

             But, it’s important if we are to balance the very sour and disappointingly painful other goings on around us.  Saying that we Choose Joy is not ignoring reality (and all the horror it currently involves), it is more about intentionally opting to appreciate the gifts around us.

             To take our daily blessings, our small treasures found in the day-to-day, for granted, or worse, to feel entitled to them, does no one any good.  It cheats us of that pleasure.  (And it moves us up the list, on our way to being the worst person in the room).

             Life is challenging.  That’s a fucking fact.  But another truth is that there’s plenty to find pleasure in.  When we approach each new phase, hour, day, week, whatever, with a gracious and joyful demeanor, we give to ourselves and we give to our loved ones.

             It’s not easy.  It’s just simple.  And in complete validation, we have been presented (gifted!) with this.

choose joy

“Peaks Of Joy  ~  33  ~

‘Your life is filled with happiness, 

so share it with others!’

Joy is yours today!  No matter what your inquiry, you will be happy with the results.

You are coming closer to a sense of achievement, and you’ve worked hard for it.  You’re surrounded by true companions, and events that are synchronistically arranged to bring you to the next level of your life.

The world is singing a beautiful harmony.  Life is exhilarating and hopeful.

Let gratitude fill your heart and remember to share your happiness.  Joy is contagious!”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

attitude of gratitude

Today’s Moment of Gratitude:

is for community, family, support, and knowing that we are never truly alone.  Please, stay hopeful.




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